Payment Procedure

In this event, we are using the WooCommerce interface on this site to help us manage participant listing and also invoice and invitation distribution. To complete the registration fee payment, please follow this procedure:

  1. If you have not signed up, please sign up for this site by going to this link.
  2. If you have signed up before, please make sure that you have already logged in.
  3. Select one appropriate participant type from the default sidebar to the right of every internal page of this site, for example, to the right of this page.
  4. On the opened page, click the Add to Cart button and Proceed to Checkout.
  5. Check the information about you on the checkout page, complete every required information then click Place Order.
  6. We will email you an invoice and details about the bank transfer.
  7. After completing your payment, please reply to our email (see number 6) and upload the photo, pdf, or scan of your transfer proof as an attachment.
  8. We will email you an invitation letter as soon as you have completed the bank transfer and uploaded the transfer proof to with title format:

Name_IDR/ USD Total Payment_Affiliation_Poster/Oral/Non

exp: Firdaus_IDR 750000_IPB University_Non

Poster: Poster Presenter, Oral: Oral Presenter, Non: Non-Oral/Poster Paper

Publication Fee

Papers in agricultural science including aquatic and animal sciences and environmental science will be published in IOP-Scopus indexed proceeding. Details regarding this additional fee will be informed soon.

Publication Notes

Students who need publication as a condition of graduation, please reconsider, because it takes a relatively long time to publish.

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